After Spanish lessons, this morning, we devoted part of the afternoon to discussing the USA election result. Yesterday, was the big vote and today the results were declared: the 45th president will be Donald Trump, the Republican candidate.

We viewed a USA Presidential Election 2016 powerpoint, and discussed every slide in minute detail. I’m afraid my kids were rather disappointed to learn that Hillary Clinton will not, in fact, be the first female president of the United States of America. However, by the time we reached the last slide of the presentation, and read some of Trump’s plans for the USA, they were rather more reconciled. Plus, of course, the UK already has a female prime minister, which makes my daughter happy. (Aim high!)

As we are not very familiar with American politics, we did a Presidential Election Vocabulary Word and Picture Matching Activity Sheet to learn some of the vocab. We also did a Presidential Election Word Search, as we love word searches.


Presidential Election Vocabulary worksheet and Presidential Election word search.

I don’t entirely know how to feel about the USA election. We did start a Presidential Voting Writing Stimulus Picture worksheet, but the kids struggled to think of what they wanted to write. My younger child settled for a very brief, factual description of voting; my elder child decided to abandon reality and invent her own fictitious election. I think it’s probably best to leave it at that.