One of my favourite teaching resource sites is Teachers Pay Teachers. (It’s the one I turn to the most, after Twinkl.) I love searching for freebies, or buying cute top-up resources. TpT is an online marketplace, a bit like eBay but solely for educators. When you download a freebie, leave a feedback comment, or buy a paid product, you are contributing to the happiness of your fellow teachers, homeschoolers, and other educators.

If you just want to download, you simply need to register for a free account. If you want to upload resources, you need to change that account to a seller’s account – still free. If you manage to sell a lot of resources, the final step would be to upgrade to a pro seller’s account with an annual paid subscription. (I have a free account, SLOAH, as I mostly buy and occasionally upload a few resources. I also have an old account, where I’ve done a lot of shopping, but I wanted something new to fit my blog brand. Your past purchases are saved on your account, for future downloading.)

There are lots of freebies on TpT, as every teacher-author must offer their first uploaded resource free of charge. It helps buyers evaluate whether the seller’s teaching style, or resource creation, is a good fit for their students. It also ensures that even educators on a tight, or non-existent budget, still have access to high quality peer-authored resources!

This is what passes as a hobby, these days, as I’m always thinking about lesson prep, homeschool planning, available resources, and top-up activities. My core curriculum resources, and my Twinkl subscription, cover most of our needs but I will create my own top-up items if I can’t find them on TpT or elsewhere. So, my TpT products are always: resources I’ve used, resources I’m planning to use, or resources that are great but just don’t fit into my current term plans.


I wouldn’t have believed my grown up hobbies, when I was a child.

Something like this Mandarin Chinese Pinyin packet was created to accommodate our basic study level. The 2D Shapes packet was created to revise specific geometry concepts, at mixed levels, after I used some Twinkl Maths assessments with my kids. However, my Romulus & Remus packet is something I was working on a while ago, can’t quite recall if I definitely used it, but absolutely know we studied the Romans at least 2-3 terms ago and can’t use this right now. It’s still good, and I want to share it! (One day, I also hope teacher-authoring might lead to a paying “hobby”. Homeschool, like every other type of private education, doesn’t exactly run on a zero budget!)

Here are some of my favourite TpT freebies:

And here are some of my favourite TpT paid products: