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Back to Earth with a Bump; Twinkl Book Review

The latest book in the Twinkl Originals series is called Back to Earth with a Bump. Twinkl subscribers can download the PDF and eBook versions now. However, only the printed version will have their fabulous new Augmented Reality technology embedded in… Continue Reading →

Clean Water for Wildlife; Geoscience Project

Freshwater Habitats Trust are running a Clean Water for Wildlife survey, to assess pollution levels and discover new clean water sites. I signed up to take part as this is an ideal geoscience learning opportunity! Any freshwater site will do –… Continue Reading →

Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum

Have a budding scientist or kinesthetic learner? Do consider planning a visit to Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum! It’s packed with the traditional museum displays plus a ton of hands on interactive learning stations, for kids to view, touch, explore, and… Continue Reading →

CGP Science Workbooks

Today, we’ve been doing the spelling test we postponed from Friday (as we were at the Childcare Expo), individual reading, the comprehension final test from our Dinosaurs Before Dark novel unit, our Maths workbooks, and our Science workbooks. We use CGP Science workbooks… Continue Reading →

“Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.” – Mark Twain. Friends – check. Science workbooks – check. A large chunk of the day at a social meet – check.

Circuits R Us

Magic Tree House rocks! Another chapter of Dinosaurs Before Dark*, this morning, plus comprehension questions. It’s appealing enough for everyone (although I have to differentiate marking criteria). Before and after break, we got through a mammoth amount of science. Topics of the… Continue Reading →

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