Secret Life of a Homeschooler

Rice Cakes & Mandarins

It's August, so that can only mean back to school prep for teachers, homeschoolers, and parents. Some people are back to school already, and others are year-round homeschoolers. Whatever your schedule looks like, I hope your plans are going wonderfully... Continue Reading →


Unibear & Qinling Panda Bear

I love crochet; it's such a fun, easy hobby. I particularly love small, quick projects that give swift gratification of a handmade item. In addition to blogging, volunteering, and authoring teaching resources, I also design crochet patterns. It's been a while... Continue Reading →

Basic Cleaning Activities for Toddlers

Maintaining a neatly organised home with toddlers is challenging, but it can be a fun family time with educational benefits. Many parents and homeschoolers wonder how they can stay on top of the chore mountain, while juggling the disparate needs... Continue Reading →

Have You Been Typealyzed?

This is sooo fun! If you have a blog, you need to try the awesome Typealyzer personality predictor for bloggers. Just enter your blog URL and it will come back with a Myers-Briggs type that is surprisingly accurate, in my opinion!... Continue Reading →

Beguiling Summer with Trojan Dreams

It's nearly the end of July; where does the time go? We'll need to coax summer into lasting longer! I know the whole of August is stretching out in front of us but it feels like July has gone past... Continue Reading →

Cray Cray Blog Life

To blog or not to blog, that is the question... and the answer depends on whether you've got your blog game on high! I've been blogging on WordPress for nearly a year, and I'm loving the customisation and flexibility. However,... Continue Reading →

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