One of the ways I give back to the homeschool community is by running a local roller skating group. The skate sessions run twice a month, at a local arena, and are suitable for mixed age and mixed ability students. It’s an excellent way for skaters to check the PE and socialisation boxes, with up to 90 minutes of healthy exercise and the opportunity to hangout with old and new friends of all ages. (It’s also a good opportunity for parents to congregate on the bleachers and chat about home education.)

All our skaters are self-taught athletes.

When my kids first started roller skating, they simply couldn’t skate at all. With perseverance and encouragement, they were both eventually flying around the rink. It’s one of their many accomplishments of which I’m very proud.

Session dates are on the Google calendar, below. Local home educators are welcome to join our Facebook group, or to contact me directly at and I’ll get back to them as soon as possible.

Roller Skating Resources