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Month September 2016

Childcare Expo 2016; Fun & Free Educators Event

Today, we had the opportunity to visit the Childcare Expo Midlands, in Coventry. My goodness, it was fantastic! If you’ve never been before, you are definitely missing out. However, read on for a little taste of the event. Twinkl Inspiration Zone We’re never… Continue Reading →

Twinkl Review

Twinkl is one of my favourite teaching resource sites; I’ve been a Twinkl subscriber for a long time, and I highly recommend it. The range of resources is unmatched anywhere else, and the PlanIt section is a great time saver for… Continue Reading →

Ruby Slipper Roller Skating

Roller skating was one of the various things we did today. We did lots of workbooks, and spelling practice, but we also went to our favourite skate meet. It’s nice to see familiar faces, if they attend, and it’s a not… Continue Reading →

When Mi Casa is Not Tu Casa

As it nears the end of September, looking back over the month, I’ve blogged 3 weeks solid of Day in the Life posts. A little glimpse of everyday home education, with a structured homeschool family. If you’ve been reading the blog, you’ll… Continue Reading →

Surviving the Stone Age

It’s day 15, and we are surviving the autumn term. We had a social group meet today because it’s important for the kids to be around other small people. Then, we resumed our History topic with a great Twinkl PlanIt lesson on Surviving… Continue Reading →

Put the Question in the Answer

It is very tempting to answer questions with short sentence fragments. When my kids do that, I truly sympathise. (Honestly, I was a young child once upon a time!) However, we spent a large chunk of today focused on sentence structure,… Continue Reading →

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