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Clean Water for Wildlife; Geoscience Project

Freshwater Habitats Trust are running a Clean Water for Wildlife survey, to assess pollution levels and discover new clean water sites. I signed up to take part as this is an ideal geoscience learning opportunity! Any freshwater site will do –… Continue Reading →

Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum

Have a budding scientist or kinesthetic learner? Do consider planning a visit to Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum! It’s packed with the traditional museum displays plus a ton of hands on interactive learning stations, for kids to view, touch, explore, and… Continue Reading →

Commonwealth Day 2017

Yesterday, it was Commonwealth Day. It’s celebrated annually on the second Monday in March. We attended our local Commonwealth Day event, and witnessed the flag-raising ceremony, which was presided over by the town mayor. Luckily, it was a gorgeous sunny… Continue Reading →

Childcare Expo 2016; Fun & Free Educators Event

Today, we had the opportunity to visit the Childcare Expo Midlands, in Coventry. My goodness, it was fantastic! If you’ve never been before, you are definitely missing out. However, read on for a little taste of the event. Twinkl Inspiration Zone We’re never… Continue Reading →

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