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Month October 2016

Best Free Resources for Homeschoolers

Are you new to homeschooling? Do you need free home education resources? This is a round up of some of the best freebies out there! Grow Your Own Potatoes The GYOP project¬†was launched in 2005, and is still thriving today…. Continue Reading →

Painting with stencils, and visiting the pigs. (Alas, the cute new baby cow was fast asleep, and resembled a gently moving giant potato. The mommy cow was befittingly silent, and chilling out next to the calf. We tiptoed past.) However,… Continue Reading →

Today, we did spelling practice, individual reading, SPAG workbooks, Spanish tuition, Gus on the Go and HelloChinese language apps, and a simple pinyin worksheet I created recently. Praise (of the children) from the Spanish teacher was gladly received. The Grammar… Continue Reading →

Stone Age Cave Paintings

Today, we watched a Twinkl Cave Paintings presentation, and discussed what we could see in the various photos. (Curvy animals with thin legs, and luscious earth tones. Stylised stick figure people, holding prehistoric tools. Hand stencils from the Cueva de… Continue Reading →

Going Mandarin with Gus

Do you know which are¬†the top two most commonly spoken languages in the world? Did you study them at school? When I was at school, I studied French, German, Italian, and Latin. None of those languages are the most commonly… Continue Reading →

Gus on the Go (Spanish)

Wednesday is usually Spanish day, in our homeschool. It’s not all we do – we also did spelling practice, individual reading, and various workbooks – but a chunk of the day was set aside for Spanish tuition, and Spanish educational… Continue Reading →

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