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Month November 2016

USA Presidential Election 2016

After Spanish lessons, this morning, we devoted part of the afternoon to discussing the USA election result. Yesterday, was the big vote and today the results were declared: the 45th president will be Donald Trump, the Republican candidate. We viewed a… Continue Reading →

Wartime Poetry; Acrostic Poems for Remembrance Day Studies

After reading various war poems, my elder child suggested it would be a great idea to write our own poetry. To support the creative enthusiasm, I tried to model a poem for them. I aimed for something with simple language, yet with… Continue Reading →

We Will Remember Them; Remembrance Day Studies

This week is all about Remembrance Day, and why it’s so important. My great-grandfather served in the Great War and my great-uncles served in World War Two. My family tree, like many others, does contain that ultimate sacrifice. Even if… Continue Reading →

Pagan Educational Resources

As it’s recently been Hallowe’en, and we have Celtic roots, I’ve been reminded of the relative scarcity of Pagan resources for structured educators. (Hallowe’en is loosely associated with Samhain, and Scottish guising has more resemblance to Pagan traditions than American trick-or-treating.) While we… Continue Reading →

Bonfire Night Poem

This week, our mini topic is Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night. We’ve been using Twinkl PlanIt for History, and I’ve attempted to tie in some Spanish with a simple practice worksheet for the first couple of lines of the traditional poem…. Continue Reading →

The Gunpowder Plot

It’s finally November! We’ve survived Hallowe’en (on a school night, no less) and we’re looking forward to Bonfire Night. The kids are a little sad that the pumpkin-fest is officially over, so we wanted to do something fun* to recover… Continue Reading →

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