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Month July 2017

Beguiling Summer with Trojan Dreams

It’s nearly the end of July; where does the time go? We’ll need to coax summer into lasting longer! I know the whole of August is stretching out in front of us but it feels like July has gone past… Continue Reading →

Cray Cray Blog Life

To blog or not to blog, that is the question… and the answer depends on whether you’ve got your blog game on high! I’ve been blogging on WordPress for nearly a year, and I’m loving the customisation and flexibility. However,… Continue Reading →

Homeschool Books; Big List of Children’s Novels

How many homeschool books have you and your children read? There’s a slew of picture books about starting school, and many more novels about older schoolchildren. However, if your kids want to feel more connected to the characters they read… Continue Reading →

Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum

Have a budding scientist or kinesthetic learner? Do consider planning a visit to Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum! It’s packed with the traditional museum displays plus a ton of hands on interactive learning stations, for kids to view, touch, explore, and… Continue Reading →

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