It’s nearly the end of July; where does the time go? We’ll need to coax summer into lasting longer! I know the whole of August is stretching out in front of us but it feels like July has gone past in a haze of paperwork and background conflict.

I’m currently working on two projects: a quick look at the Fall of Troy for elementary kids, and a unicorn crochet pattern. I love creating things and my most popular TpT worksheets seem to be Roman mythology. I had half a notion to dig out Homer and go on about epic sagas… but, I’m currently thinking a tiny bit of Virgil and an uber brief glimpse at the stand-out parts would be more fun. After all, even when an adult thinks, “Troy,” all they’re really thinking is, “Trojan Horse,” and possibly, “Wasn’t there a really cool film with Brad Pitt as something or other?”

Crochet is a hobby that I’ve sidelined for a long time. Background issues haven’t been conducive, to put it mildly. However, I really love to crochet and I’ve designed the cutest unicorn with crazy hair. I’m going to write the pattern up and see if I get any takers!

Hmm, what’s all this then? 🙂

How has your July 2017 gone? Real-slo or life in the fast lane? Whatever plans you’re making for the summer holidays, I hope you’re going to have a wonderful summer!