How many homeschool books have you and your children read? There’s a slew of picture books about starting school, and many more novels about older schoolchildren. However, if your kids want to feel more connected to the characters they read about, perhaps you should try some homeschool story books? Check out this list of homeschool books, categorised by target reading audience and sorted by author surname.

Open homeschool books, laid on grass.

“You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.” ~ Dr Seuss

Homeschool Books for KS1-LKS2; Elementary School

I Am Learning All the Time by Rain Fordyce

Discover what it means to not go to school, with 5 and a half year old Hugh, as he reflects on his home life – and the school life of his neighbourhood friends.

Who’s Not In School?* by Ross Mountney

Some kids aren’t in school because they’re off sick. However, young Harry isn’t at school because he’s home educated. Read about his everyday life, at home with his family, and explore the beautiful illustrations!

The Wrong Adventure* by Ross Mountney

In this sequel to Who’s Not In School?, home educated Harry wants to learn the same sort of things as his older siblings but his curiosity often gets him into trouble. He embarks on his very own adventure, so he can investigate something without annoying anyone.

The Year I Didn’t Go to School* by Giselle Potter

This is an autobiography of the author’s worldschooling experience, when she was 7 years old. Not many primary aged kids will have a family theatre company, or the need to travel around Italy for a year, but they’ll probably love to read about it.

Homeschool Books for UKS2-KS3; Middle School

Skellig* by David Almond

Meet Michael, homeschooled Mina, and the mysterious Skellig in this magical debut novel about mortality, friendship, and angels. Maybe love really does have the power to heal? (The prequel, My Name is Mina* is also written in first person but this time as a diary or journal, centred around Mina’s expressively creative life prior to meeting Michael and Skellig.)

Wright on Time: Arizona* by Lisa M Cottrell-Bentley

Meet homeschooled 7 year old Aidan and 11 year old Nadia as they travel across the USA in their family’s RV. First book in this series, set in Arizona; each book covers a different American state.

Schooled* by Gordon Korman

Cap Anderson is rather unusual; farm commune raised and homeschooled by his hippy grandma. Unfortunately, while his grandma is in hospital, after falling out of a fruit tree, Capricorn has to stay with a foster family and attend the local middle school. Now, running for class president, will he always be considered just a weird nerd? Or, will he be accepted as the greatest president in the history of the school?

Ruby Slippers School: Adventure in the Caribbean* by Stacy Towle Morgan

First in a series of books about homeschooled sisters, Hope and Annie. They travel to a different country, in every novel, and learn exciting new things.

Wonder* by R J Palacio

Ten year old homeschooled August Pullman was born with a severe facial deformity. Hospital has taken up a lot of time: 20 operations so far. He’s now ready to attend school for the first time and try to be an ordinary schoolchild. Will his classmates see past his appearance? Can you ever fit in if you were born to stand out?

Homeschool Books for KS4-6; High School

The Homeschool Liberation League* by Lucy Frank

Thirteen year old Katya’s determined to skip high school for homeschool. She’s so done with middle school! Katya persuaded her parents to give home education a chance… but they are keen on structure and she really wants to unschool! Katya forms the Homeschool Liberation League, with boyfriend Milo and a mysterious new friend, to help her parents understand the sort of education she wants – and maybe persuade grandpa that not all homeschoolers are hippies.

This Girl Is Different* by J J Johnson

Homeschooled Evie is uber curious about high school. She decides to enrol for the senior year to find out what it’s all about – friendship, first love, and all the usual coming-of-age YA themes.

Home School Adventurers: The Lost Da Vincis* by Don and Aneladee Milne

Four resourceful home educated siblings, aged from 11 to 14 years old, discover their parents and youngest brother are missing. Was it their father’s latest invention gone wrong? Was it their father’s science rival? Will they find the lost Da Vinci family members?

Stargirl* by Jerry Spinelli

Stargirl Caraway is a mysterious and quirky student, who transferred from homeschool to high school. Above all, she is kind and caring and dares to be different. Initially, everyone loves her – especially Leo Borlock – but what will happen when the tide turns against her? Find out in this coming-of-age YA novel.

Surviving the Applewhites* by Stephanie S Tolan

Jake Semple is a notorious rebel; rumoured to have been expelled from every school in Rhode Island, and may have torched the last one! His very last chance is the Applewhites’ homeschool but will a family of dreamy artists be able to exert enough positive influence over him? ED, the black sheep of the Applewhite family, doesn’t think so…

Have you or your children read any of these books? Which books, featuring home educated characters, would you recommend?