To blog or not to blog, that is the question… and the answer depends on whether you’ve got your blog game on high! I’ve been blogging on WordPress for nearly a year, and I’m loving the customisation and flexibility. However, I had wistful thoughts of blogging when I was younger – on the almost as ubiquitous Blogger platform.

Blogger was always an easy plug-and-play option; now that’s it’s part of the Google family, it should be even easier due to the rock solid suite integration, no? Well… no. Not quite. Blogger is more simplistic because you can do less with it. There’s no easy file hosting option – unless you’ve going to count linking to public Google Drive files. There’s no beautiful grab-and-go themes because you’re expected to use the basics or do the legwork yourself. (Well, technically, that’s an example of being able to do more rather than less, as custom CSS is more complex to get ahold of on WordPress.)

After fooling around with Blogger for several days, and umming and ahhing over domain names, hosting options, and how much time I really want to dedicate to admin and maintenance, I decided that Blogger belongs in Nostalgia Lane and WordPress should be awarded some shiny new upgrades and a place in Future City.

The next step is going to be figuring out how to integrate some of my other hobbies and interests into this blog because I’ve spread myself a little thin, in past years, and I’d like to consolidate more of my work into one place. SLOAH was very nearly a throwaway name decision, almost a year ago. I wasn’t sure what direction I’d go with this blog; I just knew Iย wanted to push myself to blog the educational side of life without any pressure – SLOAH = slower. My own personal pun! It’s really grown in my heart, and – at a point in my life when I really need something to plan for, look forward to, and bring more joy into my life – SLOAH has and continues to do all that for me. So, dear readers, thank you for being here with me and I hope you will continue to enjoy the SLOAH journey. ๐Ÿ™‚