Secret Life of a Homeschooler



Put the Question in the Answer

It is very tempting to answer questions with short sentence fragments. When my kids do that, I truly sympathise. (Honestly, I was a young child once upon a time!) However, we spent a large chunk of today focused on sentence structure,... Continue Reading →


"If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again." - WE Hickson. Spanish, spelling, colouring, watching Dinosaur on DVD*, writing film reviews, and not answering in full sentences. Those pesky fragments are encroaching on noble sentence territory, and will... Continue Reading →

Stone Age Homes

We kick started the day with spelling practice. (We like rainbow writing, for spelling practice, because a little bit of colour makes anything less boring.) After watching and discussing a presentation on Stone Age homes, we completed an activity sheet with labelled drawings... Continue Reading →

Monday Madness

It's the second week of term, and I've already caught a few learning gaps from last week. Quick catches equal faster fixes. With that in mind, we did some revision on two-digit addition with regrouping, and square and cube numbers. Modelled answers,... Continue Reading →

Circuits R Us

Magic Tree House rocks! Another chapter of Dinosaurs Before Dark*, this morning, plus comprehension questions. It's appealing enough for everyone (although I have to differentiate marking criteria). Before and after break, we got through a mammoth amount of science. Topics of the... Continue Reading →

Spanish Day

An uneven start to the day but we pressed on with spelling practice and guided reading. (Diary of a Wimpy Kid* is a close runner up to the Stink chapter books.) Briefly breaking for snack, I took the opportunity to... Continue Reading →

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