Magic Tree House rocks! Another chapter of Dinosaurs Before Dark*, this morning, plus comprehension questions. It’s appealing enough for everyone (although I have to differentiate marking criteria).

Before and after break, we got through a mammoth amount of science. Topics of the day were rocks, and properties of materials – magnetism, transparency, solubility, and conduction. The rocks were easy; that was all workbook based. Testing for conduction was more complicated as it involved testing various materials with a simple circuit. (Actually, no, testing for solubility was more complicated as that involved not getting water splashed everywhere!)


After science, we squeezed in some quick spelling practice, and a little independent reading. (I’m planning a spelling test on Friday; fingers crossed it goes well.)

We finished the day with our SPAG workbooks – 3 pages per student. Most of the English went without a hitch but the modal verbs required a little coaxing. In the end, a simple modal verbs worksheet saved the day and offered enough confidence to push through the workbook.