We kick started the day with spelling practice. (We like rainbow writing, for spelling practice, because a little bit of colour makes anything less boring.)

After watching and discussing a presentation on Stone Age homes, we completed an activity sheet with labelled drawings of representative Stone Age houses from the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, and Neolithic eras. In fact, we did a lot of talking about similarities between houses now and then, building materials now and then, and what sort of archaeological evidence is likely to remain. I was particularly pleased that they had retained a good amount of information from the introductory presentation, a week ago.


Back to Dinosaurs After Dark*, for some group reading and comprehension worksheets. Apparently, there was a lot of writing today. (I didn’t particularly agree but I threw in a dinosaur cut-and-paste sheet to neutralise the potential pencil strike.)

We finished with some worksheets on types of sentence. The lower ability worksheet seemed fine but the standard worksheet ended up looking a tad busy, after the sentences were underlined with neon pens. Perhaps, less headache inducing colours would be desirable in the future!