It’s the second week of term, and I’ve already caught a few learning gaps from last week. Quick catches equal faster fixes. With that in mind, we did some revision on two-digit addition with regrouping, and square and cube numbers. Modelled answers, and the opportunity to practice, practice, practice always seems to help. (I find that it’s also important, when students are slightly adrift, to keep the work simple, focused, and without too many questions on one page.)

Despite a difficult start to the day, we covered 2 more chapters of Dinosaurs Before Dark*, with comprehension questions. Comprehension is hard going; I know they can do it, if they try, but they are so reluctant to actually do it. On balance, I’m still pleased with the Magic Tree House books and feel that there would be the same issues with any text – it’s the written work, not the chapter book, that causes the problems.

As Friday’s spelling test went so well, I set double the amount of words today – twelve words each, from the relevant Fry Words List. It’s definitely pitched below ability but it’s worth it just to see them enthused and happy about spelling practice, again. What with one thing and another… They really got into spelling practice, copied out their words, tested each other… So, I let them do the spelling test today! Not sure what that means for the rest of the week but it was a pleasant surprise.