Secret Life of a Homeschooler



Hallowe’en Farm Crafts

One of our local farms hosts a weekly Arts & Crafts session, for children. The person who runs the craft sessions is lovely, and has a great manner with children of all ages. This week was all about Hallowe'en: we... Continue Reading →


Hallowe’en Twinkl Crafts

It's midway through our half-term week and we are busily creating more Hallowe'en decorations, to festoon our homeschool classroom. If you've seen previous posts, we've already made mini 3D pumpkins, created pumpkin diagram posters, and carved our actual pumpkins. Today, we've finished... Continue Reading →

Half-Term Hallowe’en

Thank goodness for half-term; everyone needs a break, now and then, including homeschoolers. The distinction between term time and holidays seems more blurred when you're a home educator; we still have some scheduled activities planned. However, I'm internally debating whether to use any... Continue Reading →

Getting Closer to Hallowe’en

As Hallowe'en draws nearer, the kids are starting to get a bit excited about dressing up and going guising. Of course, that means I will have to endure about 800 potential costume choices, leaving nearly everything to the last minute,... Continue Reading →

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