We use Twinkl for a lot of our crafts and worksheets. At this time of year, one of our favourites is the Hallowe’en Cone People and this year we’ve chosen to make colourful cats. (Last year, it was a cat and a witch.) I’m still no closer to working out what this year’s final Hallowe’en costume demands will entail but we are well on the way to having ample decorations!

Hallowe’en Cone People Cats

This year’s offering is a snazzy blue and pink creation by my elder child. And a sleek purple and black kitty cat by my younger child.

Cone people Hallowe'en cats!

If you want to make your own cone people, you’ll need a Twinkl subscription. You will also notice that the cat cone person is actually labelled el gato negro – black cat. As you can tell, we like to express our individuality!

Hallowe’en Spanish Worksheets

The cone people require cutting out and glueing together. This is rather boring and requires holding the cones in place until the glue starts to set. I then pin them in position with paper clips or clip on pen lids. While the tedious bit was done by mommy, the kids did some fun Spanish worksheets. (I’ve decided that Spanish is starting to slip too far down our list of priorities. I’ve resolved to make a big effort to do more work en español and trust in immersion.)

The worksheets in the photo are: Hallowe’en Differentiated Word Search and Hallowe’en Matching Activity Worksheet. They cover some seasonal Spanish vocabulary and are aimed at KS3 students. However, if you’ve been studying Spanish for a while then they are completely suitable for younger students too.

Spanish worksheets for Hallowe'en.

Have you been decorating your home for Hallowe’en? Do you have any annual traditions? We wish you a lovely Feliz Hallowe’en however you choose to celebrate it. 🙂