One of our local farms hosts a weekly Arts & Crafts session, for children. The person who runs the craft sessions is lovely, and has a great manner with children of all ages.


Grim Reaper spoon-puppet, and Witch’s Hat magnet.

This week was all about Hallowe’en: we made themed puppets with wooden spoons, and magnets with stencils and foam.


Cows, pigs, and poultry.

Last time we were at the farm, the baby cow was merrily snoozing. We were very pleased to catch the adorable calf awake, in addition to the various other animals. It amuses me that, despite visiting this farm many times over the years, my elder child is still not accustomed to the “farm aroma” when visiting the animals. We always enjoy seeing the pigs, with their snuffly friendly faces, but my elder child invariably wrinkles her nose at least once. However, I think it’s important for children to visit farms and make the connection between farming and supermarket food.