It’s midway through our half-term week and we are busily creating more Hallowe’en decorations, to festoon our homeschool classroom. If you’ve seen previous posts, we’ve already made mini 3D pumpkins, created pumpkin diagram posters, and carved our actual pumpkins.

Today, we’ve finished off our Hallowe’en Cone Characters. We also made a Hallowe’en Paper Pumpkin Craft, a round Paper Pumpkin Craft, and a gloriously long Hallowe’en Themed Paper Chain.


The Green Witch and Ninja Kitty. (All crafts, pictured, were made with Twinkl resources.)

The paper chains are the easiest item to make: just print, cut, and paste. My duo worked together to make our chain. The Hallowe’en pumpkin and the round pumpkin are strips of card; the former was a tad tricky, as the card I used was slightly too thick and required staples to persuade it to stay glued, but the latter was an easy threading exercise. (My elder child also carefully poked holes for the pipe cleaner stem, with a safety pin and a pencil, before threading the parts together.) Lastly, the cone characters are available as colour versions, but it’s more fun to print the B&W outlines and decorate them yourselves. (My younger child added a sword to the back of the cat.)

If you hadn’t guessed, the Green Witch and Ninja Kitty are apparently the current choices for Hallowe’en costumes. There’s 4 more days till Hallowe’en Monday, so I’m choosing to believe these choices are now firmly set in stone. Or, at least, crayon-coloured cardboard.