There’s something about Friday; it always feels like the weekend should have started by about 9 am.

We attended a local group meet. (The kids enjoyed it but I felt really tired; 3 coffees was not enough, due to the sheer volume of children running around – the number of children, and the inevitable noise.)

I’m making the effort to keep my notes super organised, this year. I’m using a daily 2 child planner to track completed activities, and I love being able to see the past 10 days at a glance.

We did some of our SPAG and Maths workbooks. I also showed one of the kids how to do part of the 6 to 10 times tables on your fingers. (If you don’t remember this from your childhood days, thumbs to pinkies are 6 through 10. Touch the fingers together for whatever multiplication sum e.g. 8 x 8. From thumb to touching fingers are tens – for 8 x 8, that’s 6 tens. Past touching fingers are units to be multiplied – for 8 x 8 that’s 2 x 2. So, 8 x 8 is 6 tens plus 2 x 2, which is 60 + 4 = 64.)

All in all, we’re ready for the weekend. It’s past Friday o’clock!