As Hallowe’en draws nearer, the kids are starting to get a bit excited about dressing up and going guising. Of course, that means I will have to endure about 800 potential costume choices, leaving nearly everything to the last minute, and reassuring at least one child that it doesn’t matter if they wear something cobbled together from an outfit they chose at least 2 Hallowe’ens ago.

Hallowe’en Costumes & Codes

With the costume frenzy in mind, I decided to throw the lesson plans to the winds and focus on Hallowe’en today. Top of the agenda was designing a potential costume for Hallowe’en. (So far, it looks like I’ve got a ninja cat and some comic book superhero that I don’t recognise because I’m too old. I don’t rate my odds on delivering those outfits but, on the plus side, they’ve probably already changed their minds.)

We did some Maths practice with a themed place value code breaking worksheet. I love differentiated activities; each child can work at a different level, but still do the same activity. The code breaking was a big hit. (I guess everything seems more fun when it’s Hallowe’en themed!)

Paper Pumpkins for Hallowe’en

Pumpkins are always a pain in our household. We buy them too early, or too late. The carving is so tricky, and absolutely no one wants to volunteer for scooping out the squelchy innards. In the meantime, we made our own mini paper pumpkin models. The kids coloured them, and I helped cut out and glue the tabs. Then, they positioned the eyes and mouths, to rather cute effect.

Hallowe'en Paper Pumpkins!

3D Pumpkin Halloween Paper Craft from Twinkl.

Our final Hallowe’en activity today was a differentiated themed word search. This is actually a KS1 worksheet, so it features phase two tricky words. However, for the purposes of seasonal vocabulary and, frankly, just some light-hearted fun, it was perfect.

We did some regular stuff today too, including Spanish with Duolingo and Mandarin with Gus on the Go. It’s just fun to mix up the routine a little, especially when mom is feeling under the weather. Happy days!