So, as much as I don’t want to think about it, there’s only 4 weeks left till Christmas! The kids are getting antsy, eagerly anticipating their advent calendars, the stocking stuffers are gradually being acquired (and the larger things are being deferred to the inevitable last minute panic), and it’s becoming more challenging to focus on getting through a decent amount of work without people asking how many days till Christmas.

Today, we’ve being pushing through online studies, with Duolingo, TypingClub, and Literacy Planet. The point collection, on these programs, is becoming quite competitive! Thank goodness for Gus on the Go, which is solely fun and doesn’t involve comparing high scores.

By way of a fun break, we paused to do a group activity: Christmas Tree Paper Chain. I’d already prepped the cardboard strips, so the kids had to work together to organise the paper chains according to the picture. (I think it went well, despite some disagreement; we appear to have one green strip leftover, but I’m going to ignore it.)


Christmas Tree Paper Chain Activity.

We used green, red, and yellow cardboard plus staples and glue (for the stars). They did the stapling themselves; for younger kids, I’d suggest paper instead of cardboard, so you could use glue. I’ve hung it up with twine, and a 3M Command mini hook*. I use 3M Command products for most of my hanging and sticking needs – from displaying artwork to hanging my bulletin boards. I really recommend them, as they are so easy to use and don’t damage walls.

It may be snowing in other parts of the British Isles, but it’s merely raining where I am. It may not even be Thanksgiving yet… but I dare say a little early Christmas cheer doesn’t hurt! Who couldn’t do with a mood lift, when the weather is miserable?