There is something special about flowers, and their intrinsic reminder that life is both beautiful and fragile. There is so much joy to be had in little things like sunshine, smiles, peaceful moments, and micro milestones achieved by your kids. When life is stressful, or unexpectedly hard, we forget these little things and get wrapped up in negative emotions. The presence of flowers, like this luxury bouquet from Prestige Flowers, can change that and help us view life differently.

Prestige Flowers Niagra Bouquet

This gorgeous bouquet is Niagra, from the Haute Florist range by Prestige Flowers. It features avalanche roses, irises, thistles, agapanthus (African lilies), freesias, and tanacetum (tansies). Everything about it breathes, “You are special and deserve this moment.” The cream and purple colours vividly bring to mind imperial Rome, and the majesty of times gone past. (Imperial Rome. Not Twilight Sparkle of the infernal My Little Pony brigade. This is mommy’s bouquet, thank you! At a push, I will accept, “magical like a unicorn.”)

Prestige Flowers bouquet in a vase.

From the moment you hear the doorbell, it’s obvious that this is a substantial treat. The Prestige Flowers box was large enough to conceal a small child, if they remembered not to snicker like Joey Tribbiani in a box. I’ve had my hopes dashed by too many companies before, so it was a genuine shock to open the box and find myself staring at the top of the bouquet. The actual top. Yes, those flowers were tall enough to justify a massively tall box. I think I was won over, there and then.

Unboxing the Prestige Flowers bouquet.

Unboxing the Surprise

On unboxing the flowers, you discover everything is tucked into a slick, shiny black, Tardis sized gift bag. There should have been someone to record my face when I found a vase stuffed into it. You see, the flowers themselves have a substantial amount of careful packaging and I didn’t immediately twig there was something else in the bag.

Prestige Flowers bouquet in luxury gift bag.

The swishy black presentation wrap covers a semi-firm insulating layer of spongy foam. Honestly, I touched it through the gift wrap and feared it was water. (Cellophane is waterproof, so less high tech florists can pool some water at the bottom of a gathered square and keep your flowers hydrated during delivery.) I was so ready to mop up a spill but there was none! It was actually a very clever water soaked foam that kept the ends of the flower stems wet. It’s been a while since I’ve had to handle a baby’s nappy or diaper but this was the same “full” squishy feel. (I’ve decided: I’m definitely past the baby cravings. Two is enough.)

Prestige Flowers cards, vase, and luxury bouquet.

Flower Care and Zen

Flower food is included, so that was immediately dumped into the vase, along with some water. I looked at the painstakingly arranged bouquet. Looked at the vase. Thought about my flower arranging skills. (None.) And decided that an Indiana Jones switcheroo would be the best bet. I whipped off the elastic ties and inserted the whole bouquet into the vase, in my finest, “this bag of sand is perfectly weighted and timed,” moment. I couldn’t have felt prouder if I’d actually arranged the flowers myself.

Indiana Jones and the switcheroo of flowers to vase.

Possibly, I shouldn’t do this but I have taken to carting the vase around from room to room. Not all the time, of course. Just whenever I need a little smile, a little zen moment of peace, and because they’re so pretty and won’t last forever and my babies are growing up so fast and time is refusing to stand still. Don’t judge me.

I know that life can be short and hard, and you get out what you put in. But, how you view it can make a huge difference. It’s important to look through your lux lens, not your dark shades; it is a luxury and a blessing to live somewhere safe with my precious kiddos. Whatever else we have, we have each other.

Smiles for the Extra Mile

After a week with this beautiful bouquet, the irises have faded away but the other flowers are still holding up. That’s a reasonable period of time, in my opinion. Flowers are my go-to product for long distance gifts – always appropriate and guaranteed to be uplifting. The Haute Florist range, from Prestige Flowers, would be ideal for special celebrations, milestones, and luxury gifting. It’s perhaps a little too much for everyday events but it would suit any occasion when it’s appropriate to add a little extra magic. If nothing else, it made me genuinely smile in the midst of some bleak personal circumstances – and you cannot put a price on that!

Prestige Flowers put a smile on your face!

I received this complimentary bouquet, from Prestige Flowers, for the purpose of reviewing the product. However, all opinions are my own.

The Haute Florist Niagra bouquet starts from £40 GBP plus shipping. (Prices correct at time of writing.) Delivery is available all week, including weekends!