Half an hour of guided reading (yay for Stink books*) and one page of our SPAG workbooks were accomplished with minimum fuss. We were slightly derailed by our Maths workbooks, which have apparently descended to “most hated” status.

After a short break, we went back to dinosaurs and watched a Twinkl PlanIt presentation on fossils. This was really engaging, and I was thankful for the recovered harmony. (Well, as harmonious as it gets with composite class homeschooling!) The presentation had an accompanying cut-and-paste fossilisation process, which we promptly stuck into our new exercise books*.


To keep the fun flowing, we made our own mould fossils with white clay and a range of natural objects – twigs, leaves, shells, and stones. This was a very successful activity. (We’ve left the clay to harden; I haven’t decided whether it’s worth painting them with a tempera wash to “age” the fossils.)


After lunch break, we read the next chapter of Dinosaurs Before Dark* and completed some comprehension questions.

We finished up with one page of our Spanish workbooks, and decided to call it a day.