We started the day by discussing Stone Age jewellery; what it was made from, what it looked like, and why people wear jewellery. We then designed and made our own necklaces from shells, wooden beads, and leather cord. To help visualise what our finished necklaces were going to look like, I made some card prompts, with pictures and key words, using Twinkl Create. (Later on, today, we used the same cards to help complete a first/then/next/finally writing frame about designing our necklaces.)


In the afternoon, we used white clay to create bone and animal teeth beads. (We’ll use those at a later date to create a different style of Stone Age jewellery.)

As it was very much Stone Age jewellery day, I made a lovely themed word search with Twinkl Create. (It really is a rather handy tool for custom resources!) Following the word search, we finished with some themed individual reading. (I keep a selection of books, in the school library, within easy access: reference books, Spanish books, and anything relevant to our current topic.) The kids poured over Fossils by Melissa Stewart*, laminated Stone Age fact cards, and Who Were The First People*.

I haven’t mentioned the Spanish lesson, today, because it really felt more like a History day than a Spanish day. Or, possibly, a clay day. Our hands were coated in the stuff, after those clay beads. Luckily, it washes off easily or I wouldn’t be able to type.