Arriving with a whimper instead of a bang, 2017 has rolled in with a special helping of flu for me and the kids. There’s already been a couple of sick days this week, courtesy of a hacking cough, and a massive rain check on some of our extracurricular activities, but we’ve managed to regroup and pick up the ball on our planned homeschool studies.

This term, we’re taking a closer look at China and Chinese festivals. To get things started, I prepped some cute mini books. There’s a cute Chinese New Year book, with bize-size snippets of information. I printed half size black and white copies of a Chinese New Year Story display pack, to turn it into mini story books. Last, there’s also a New Year’s Activity Book – which is nothing to do with the Spring Festival but it was a super sweet freebie, and I thought it would make a great time filler.


Mini books from Twinkl and TpT.

Due to the less than awesome lingering flu, and a desire to increase study autonomy when we’re not operating on 100 percent, I prepped a selection of simple worksheets and popped them into folders so the kids can work at their own pace. Some of the worksheets we’ve done, so far, include: Chinese New Year Wordsearch, Chinese New Year Alphabet Ordering Worksheet, Chinese New Year Crack the Code Activity Sheet, and PlanIt Geography Let’s Go to China Lesson 1 differentiated map labelling worksheets. (It’s not entirely all on the grade level I need, but we’ve made it work. Mostly because of the flu. I miss my old cough-free home.)


Worksheets from Twinkl, TpT, Education, and Dover Publications.

We’ve also done Chinese New Year ABC Order Cut & Paste, Chinese Inventions Wordsearch, and a fun sample China maze from Dover Publications World of Mazes*. There’s more lined up for the rest of the week, and I’m hoping things will get back to normal – or, at least, less flu filled – next week. I hope you’re all having a much healthier start to your 2017!