Pancake Day was on Tuesday, so this week we’ve attended a local Pancake public event, eaten pancakes (at the event, and at grandma’s house), and done some pancake themed worksheets. I say “we” but I’m not really keen on pancakes; all I’ve eaten is one mouthful, although the kids have consumed an ample quantity of circular fried batter.


Pancake, slightly drowning in excess sugar due to enthusiastic self service.

We did some comprehension practice with KS1 Pancake Day Differentiated Reading and Third Grade Pancakes Reading Comprehension. (The kids were delighted with Fat Tuesday, the Swedish name for Pancake Day.) To build on spelling fluency, we did a Pancake Recipe Word Search, and a Pancake Day Word Challenge Activity Sheet – to see how many words we could make from “pancakes”.

Literacy puzzles are our favourite ELA activity; we used our old magnetic alphabet letters, to help discover new words. (As spelling judge, I vetoed Professor Snape from the Harry Potter books. Well… I intended to but “snape” is definitely on the worksheets, somewhere.)

Our final pancake themed worksheet was My Perfect Pancake. They drew their ideal toppings and wrote about them. (It was pretty much syrup and sugar – no surprise.) All other homeschool activities this week have been sans pancake – so far, it’s been mostly reading, handwriting, Duolingo, Khan Academy, and Spanish.


Various pancake themed worksheets, from Twinkl.