Did you know that Twinkl create their own eBooks for children? Ronald the Rhino eBook is one of their latest titles. It’s a lovely story about friendship and individuality, which are important concepts at any age. There’s also a slew of resources to accompany the book.

Ronald the Rhino eBook front cover.

Ronald the Rhino is an original story by Twinkl.

Ronald is a lonely little Javan Rhino (or, as my logical kids think, a self-pitying Rhino with chums). He believes he’d be happier, and more popular, if he were more like another animal. With engaging pictures and rhyming couplets, young readers (or listeners) can follow his journey of self-discovery (aided by his friends, Leopard and Python).

Ronald the Rhino eBook Resources

The Ronald the Rhino eBook worksheets are mostly all KS1 but Twinkl’s fabulous differentiation helps provide some options for KS2. Differentiated worksheets are labelled in the bottom left corner with 1 to 3 stars; 1 star is lower ability and 3 stars is higher ability. (Ideal for homeschoolers, as many parents are juggling mixed ages or abilities! One can merrily mix-and-match to find a custom combo for one’s children.)

The Javan Rhinos Differentiated Activity Sheets are available in higher ability KS1, which isn’t a bad fit for LKS2 – particularly if one requires comprehension practice, or remedial work. Something like Number Bonds to 10 could only ever be suitable for KS1 but an Acrostic Poem writing frame would work at any age.

If one is really stumped for how to adapt to a different year group, there’s also the option to make something with Twinkl Create. (This is a good way to make your own literacy puzzles or word mats. I find these helpful for writing prompts and increasing spelling fluency.) To accompany the Ronald the Rhino theme of individuality and self-esteem, I used Twinkl Create to make a “positive words” word search, using the Twinkl word banks and images.

Worksheets to accompany Ronald the Rhino eBook.

Javan Rhinos Differentiated Activity Sheets and word search designed with Twinkl Create.

Approved by Kids

My children said, “[They] liked the story because there’s a hidden message: be yourself. You’re perfect the way you are!” They also thought it would be a good story to share with any kids who need a self-esteem boost, to help them feel better about being themselves.

Personally, I think it is well suited to 4 to 8 year olds, or EYFS to LKS2; it is a cute story in its own right but also a good discussion piece for PSHE. (We talked about how everyone is unique, not just Ronald, and what the story was trying to convey. My elder child pointed out that Leopard and Python referred to Ronald as a “chum”, even though Ronald was insisting he had no friends.) Both my KS2 children found interesting aspects in the hidden moral, the use of rhyming words, and the repeated verses.

Over all, this is a very clever book. It could be used in multiple ways – and for the love of reading, of course!