It’s the end of the week and we’ve definitely got that Friday feeling! Regardless, it was time for the first spelling test of the term. I love the free spelling test worksheets by 1st Grade is WienerFUL. We may not be working at a first grade level these days but the worksheets are still super cute and inject a bit of fun into an otherwise dull activity. The kids aced their spelling tests, so I’m going to assign more words on Monday.

Some of our Maths workbooks rounded off a busy day. (Writing it up, it doesn’t sound terribly busy but a large chunk of the day was taken up by a local homeschool group meet. Socialisation, et al. In fact, this week, we’ve had sports classes, Scouts, and the aforementioned group meet. I’m just super thankful that I don’t have a regular school run on top of our extracurricular activities.)